WinA: Women in Automotive

Women in Automotive (WinA) was established in 1999 by the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC). It works to provide a place for women working across the automotive industry to network, feel supported and grow.

To this day, WinA’s priority is to raise the profile of women at all levels and sectors of the industry, along with providing mentoring and scholarship opportunities for women to advance their careers.

WinA aims to celebrate, educate and give a voice to the women in our industry. We would be delighted to receive your application to join WinA - membership is free.

Our Charter

  1. To raise the profile of women and recognise them as an integral part of the automotive industry
  2. To advocate for, and encourage, reasonable and flexible work arrangements
  3. To assist industry to attract women into their workplaces
  4. To be the voice for all women in the industry
  5. To encourage diversity of women regarding age, ethnicity, race and religion across the industry
  6. To provide open communication, networking and mentoring within the industry
  7. To provide a forum to enhance skills and education, by encouraging tailor-made courses for women within the industry
  8. To provide a forum that recognises the different needs of women within the industry
  9. To provide a forum to open the lines of communication between Members
  10. To enhance the overall image of the automotive industry, and to promote it as an industry open to customers and job seekers, regardless of gender
  11. To provide a forum to encourage, inspire and raise the self-esteem of women and their business partners within the industry
  12. To provide a forum where the concerns of Members can be discussed openly, and to contribute to VACC policy development
  13. To raise awareness in the community of rewarding employment opportunities in the industry.

Women in Automotive Profile

Meet Michelle Ferbrache, the 2019 winner of the VIA Best Business Woman in Automotive.

Michelle has a fascinating story. Dreaming of becoming a pilot, she flew her first solo before even driving a car! She then went on to spend 12 years with Air Services Australia, holding roles as Flight Data Co-ordinator, Airways Data Specialist and then later became an Aviation Safety Investigator.

Three years ago, while juggling her job at the Civil Aviation Safety Authority she started Essendon Panels with her husband, Nick. Within three months she had resigned to go full time at the shop. An opportunity she says allows her to apply her safety and leadership skills to an industry that has so much opportunity for growth and improvement. Somewhere in between, Michelle had time to complete her private investigators licence and give birth to her third child!

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