MTASA: Meet your new divisional specialists
The MTA has welcomed two new divisional specialists that come with a wealth of industry experience
MTASA: Mandated Code of Conduct for Automotive Repairers the way to go!
Sam Duluk MP, Member for Waite has given notice in Parliament to introduce a Bill to the South Aus
MTASA: Parts supply shortage effect on local industry
The MTA has been keeping tabs on current industry concerns regarding international supply chain sh
MTASA Submissions - IR Reform Omnibus legislation
Last month, we explored one of the biggest shake-ups in the industrial relations sphere since the
WH&S and Worker’s Compensation claims arising from COVID-19
Under WH&S legislation, every PCBU has a primary duty to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicab
Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) May Update for MTA Members
The Federal Government have implemented a range of changes in order to try to slow the outbreak of
Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) April Update for MTA Members
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a big impact on businesses in South Australia and the Norther
Tackling Automotive Recycling Issues
Recycling in the automotive industry has become a big issue for many businesses and not just autom
Do you store items on racks?
SafeWork SA is investigating an Adelaide based business where an incident occurred involving the c
MTASA: Get Your Business Fully Compliant in Workplace Health & Safety
If you have received a request from a supplier or business partner that requires you to have in pl
The MTA’s Training and Employment Centre delivers high quality automotive training and is your one
MTASA: Vehicles with Takata Airbags will be Refused Registration
The South Australian Registrar of Motor Vehicles has announced that from 1 November 2018 vehicles
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