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Welcome to Parts Locator - Australia's No 1 auto parts resource for finding, buying and selling used and new auto parts since 1985.

PLM Group Pty Ltd was born out of a love of cars, a love of rallying and a need for parts to repair rally cars. Over the last 40 years it has grown from needing parts for a 1975 Toyota Corolla KE35, as it competed in rallies all over Australia, to become Australia’s No 1 auto parts resource. Smash repair shops, panel shops, mechanical repairs and workshops, dealers, wreckers, auto recyclers, dismantlers, & the general public to find the parts they need from Parts Locator's Authorised Suppliers - wreckers, recyclers, dismantlers, auto recyclers and spare parts suppliers Australia wide.

In 1985 Parts Locator Magazine was launched as the first ever trade publication for auto parts wreckers and recyclers to advertise their businesses and stock to the automotive industry. What began as a home office 32 page booklet publication distributed throughout Victorian auto wreckers, recyclers and dismantlers, has grown into a full colour 164 page magazine with a national readership of over 25,000 - including auto wreckers, dismantlers and recyclers, mechanical workshops and panel repairers, insurance assessors and other services to the automotive industry. Parts Locator magazine remains the only auto parts directory in Australia for recycled, second-hand, used, new genuine, new non-genuine, replacement, reconditioned, and rebuilt auto parts. It is the No 1 auto parts magazine used daily and continuously by the automotive industry.

Partslocator.com.au was launched as one of the pioneer auto parts sites in Australia. Over the last 21 years partslocator.com.au has become the No 1 site for buying and selling auto parts, with over 120,000 general public and auto industry members. partslocator.com.au has more than 2,000,000 parts online and grows bigger everyday. Now partslocator.com.au is constantly being re-engineered to continually transform the buying and selling of used and new auto parts. New and improved features make finding the used and new parts you need even faster and easier - and always free.

The testament to Parts Locator magazine and partslocator.com.au are the number of auto parts suppliers and auto industry businesses that have been advertising with us for over 20 years and the continual growth of online members.

If you are an auto parts supplier or auto parts wrecker, recycler, dismantler, find out how you can sell more parts as a arts Locator Authorised Supplier.

Here at Parts Locator we are very excited about the future of the used and new auto parts industry in Australia as we continue to evolve with the industry, always striving to provide the best used and new auto parts resources in Australia.

We hope you agree that partslocator.com.au is No 1 for used and new auto parts and that you find the auto parts you need!


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