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Are you a business with 5 or less employees? You may be eligible for funding to assist your injure
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MTA NSW is excited to conduct the Green Stamp Plus accreditation to the NSW motor industry. You ca
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MTANSW: Interpretation of Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and Consumer Claims
The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) by definition is: MTA NSW, via our Divisional Managers, enga
WOVR - Heavy Vehicle Criteria The importance of correctly classifying damaged vehicles
Following the Introduction of the Written Off Vehicle Register for Heavy Vehicles in December 2018
icare partners with MTA NSW as part of industry-led approach to workers compensation
The Motor Traders’ Association of NSW (MTA NSW), has welcomed the announcement by icare of their p
Change to Motor Dealers and Repairers Regulation 2014
There has been another change to the Motor Dealers and Repairers Regulation 2014 with this followi
PPSR and Your Rights
What is the PPSR? The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is the single, national online
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Delivering over 22 years of industry training  | Thousands of apprentices trained  |  18 trainers
MTANSW Payroll Tax Costing Jobs and Business Investment
Eliminating payroll tax would have a significant positive influence on employment and business inv
MTA NSW Signals Major Wins Over Industry Reforms
Motor Traders’ Association of NSW (MTA NSW) CEO, Stavros Yallouridis, has signalled a number of si
Is Your Automotive Business Environmentally Compliant? Green Stamp NSW
Green Stamp is an environmental program run in each state and territory of Australia through the M