MTASA: Mandated Code of Conduct for Automotive Repairers the way to go!

Sam Duluk MP, Member for Waite has given notice in Parliament to introduce a Bill to the South Australian Parliament to protect automotive repairs, insurers and consumers when involved in vehicle accidents.

“The Fair Trading (Motor Vehicle Insurer and Repairers) Amendment Bill 2021 intends to prescribe fair, timely and transparent conduct between insurers and repairers so that consumers with damaged motor vehicles are treated reasonably during an automotive insurance claim”, said Mr Duluk.

“The legislation outlines a mandatory Code of Conduct for all parties involved with repair dealings, setting out a maximum penalty of $100,000 for a corporate body and $20,000 for an individual who fails to comply with the provisions.

“The Code promotes transparency by mandating insurers to disclose to the consumer of the insurance policy any relevant interest held by the insurer in relation to the repairer.

“I have been proud to work closely with the leading industry body, the Motor Trade Association (MTA) and members of the Economic and Finance Committee to bring to Parliament the recommendations from the 2020 Economic and Finance Committee Report into the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry in South Australia.

“When legislated, this Code will provide peace of mind when dealing with a motor vehicle insurance dispute”, said Mr Duluk.

MTA CO Paul Unerkov said “the Amendment to the Fair-Trading Act will increase consumer choice, transparency and safety across the motor vehicle insurance and repair industry.

“The customer focused recommendations in the report will help to create a fair and functional relationship between insurers and collision repairers. A mandated Code of Conduct with binding mediation processes and appropriate financial penalties for breaches will accelerate resolutions for consumers, helping them get their vehicle back on the road in a timely manner.

“The Amendment seeks to implement the recommendations in last year’s report by the Economic and Finance Committee into the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry in South Australia which included both Liberal and Labor Members of Parliament and build upon the existing Legislation in New South Wales since 2006”, said Mr Unerkov.

“The MTA would like to thank Sam Duluk MP for introducing this Amendment Bill and his support in initiating the inquiry and to Presiding Member of the Economic and Finance Committee, Matt Cowdrey OAM MP and other Committee Members for their work in preparing the report that has been used as a basis for this Amendment”, Mr Unerkov concluded.

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