IMPORTANT: VACC Takata Airbag Supply issues portal

VACC is receiving information from members that they are being advised of delays of up to three months when attempting to book in vehicles for recall work as mandated by the Consumer Goods (Motor Vehicles with Affected Takata Airbags Inflators and Specified Parts) Recall Notice 2018.

Delays due to the recall was a situation that VACC had feared would eventuate and had earlier advised ACCC would impact the entire industry.

To assist dealers to supply VACC with evidence-based data that clearly identifies the supplier(s) causing the delays VACC has created a reporting tool known as VACC Takata Recall Supply Issue Portal. This information loaded in this portal will then be forwarded to ACCC for possible intervention.

Information about the VACC Takata Recall Supply Issue Portal
This tool will be used to inform ACCC of the issues facing the industry. It has been specifically created to assist industry participants in reporting instances where manufacturers/suppliers are subjecting retail automotive industry members to lengthy or unreasonable delays in fitment of replacement Takata Airbags. VACC urge you load the information as required. To access the portal please call VACC’s Michael McKenna on 9829 1280.
The tool also provides for an estimation on the financial impact on your business.

What will happen with your information?
Any data generated via this portal will be forwarded to ACCC in anticipation of ACCC intervening to expedite any issues.

Important note about franchise dealers
It is important to note that delays are not being experienced as a result of any influence or actions by the franchise dealer network. This sector is experiencing the same issues and delays as independent used car traders in relation to the recall.

Any information or advice given by VACC on matters pertaining to these issues cannot be considered legal advice.

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