Helping you manage risk to the environment

New environment protection laws come into effect from 1 July 2020. Central to the new laws is that anyone engaging in an activity that could harm human health and the environment, from pollution or waste, must manage that risk.

This general environmental duty is new and applies to all Victorians.

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is working with industry to develop a suite of new and updated guidance so you know what the new laws will mean for you.

New guidance for the auto parts recycling industry has been developed and co-branded with the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce to help you comply with the new laws.

Soon to be released, the Auto recyclers guideline will help you identify hazards from your business activities that could cause harm. It also takes you through some reasonable steps you could take to eliminate or reduce the risk of harm to human health and the environment.

The new guideline outlines EPA’s expectations of businesses that recycle parts from cars, trucks, motorcycles, farm machinery or other industrial vehicles in complying with environment protection laws.

Keep a look out for the new guideline once released, along with other guidance that could help you prevent harm to human health and the environment at

Other useful guidance on EPA’s website includes:

  • Assessing and controlling risk – introduces you to a four-step risk management process you can use to assess and control hazards. Assessing and controlling risk in a structured way will help you prevent harm to human health and the environment, comply with your legal obligations and meet community expectations
  • Liquid storage and handling – identifies some control options to help you appropriately store and handle liquids, and respond to incidents like spills. Any businesses that store or handle liquids can use this guidance. It covers bulk storage and smaller containers or packaged storage of raw materials, product and waste liquids
  • Solid storage and handling – can be used with the liquid storage and handling guidance to manage risks associated with industrial solids like powder, granules and pellets. 

To contact EPA, visit or call 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC)

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