Do you store items on racks?

SafeWork SA is investigating an Adelaide based business where an incident occurred involving the collapse of a 3 metre high racking used to display sale items. With Christmas approaching, businesses may increase stock levels to accommodate the high demand for goods and this a good time to address storage issues.

The MTA is reminding business to assess where existing and additional stock may be safely stored or displayed, without posing a risk to staff and customers. You must ensure rackings are installed and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
SafeWork SA recommends that for any racking you:

  • Choose a shelving system that is suited to the goods that you need to store or display.
  • Ensure the placement of racking does not prevent easy access to fire exits, firefighting provisions or doorways.
  • Ensure the floor being used is capable of supporting a fully loaded shelving system.
  • Ensure racking is adequately anchored to eliminate movement.
  • Display safety signs at the end of every rack to show the safe working load (SWL) or maximum shelf capacity.
  • Use racking protection posts where appropriate to guard against accidental collisions that may weaken the racking structure.
  • Evenly distribute the goods across the racking, loading lower shelves first.
  • Keep a large enough aisle width to allow easy access with handling equipment such as fork-lift trucks, pallet trucks and customer trolleys.
  • Do not let boxes or items overhang the shelves - this reduces the risk of falling goods.
  • Ensure that all posts, beams and supports are installed correctly and locked in place (as per the assembly instructions) before use.
  • Have shelving & racking systems inspected by a professional on a regular basis by a competent person to ensure they are maintained in a
    safe condition.

Further information on the standards and safety of racking are available on the SafeWork SA website by visiting

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