Change to Motor Dealers and Repairers Regulation 2014

There has been another change to the Motor Dealers and Repairers Regulation 2014 with this following change to come into effect:     

Part 2    Licensing
7. Licence holder to display signs
The holder of a Dealer’s licence, motor vehicle repairer’s licence or motor vehicle recycler’s licence must include the licence holder’s name and the words “licence number”, “Lic. No.” or similar abbreviation followed by the licence holder’s unique licence identifier;
(a)  on a sign at each place of business (other than a vehicle) for which the licence is granted that is readily visible to any person approaching the place of business, and
(b) if the licence holder carries on business from a vehicle – on the outside of the vehicle, and
(c) in any advertisement of any kind relating to the carrying on of the business of dealing in motor vehicles or carrying out repair work on motor vehicles or carrying on the work of a motor vehicle recycler at the place of business of a specified licence holder

This means that anything that displayed your physical address had to also display your Licence holders name and licence number.

Paragraph (c) has now been repealed. This means that there is no longer the requirement to display licence holders name or licence number on any form of advertising e.g. business cards, invoices, social media, radio, TV, or an ad in the paper.

Also, please be aware that the licencing requirements have changed as well.

IF YOU HAVE RENEWED IN 2018 this doesn’t affect you.

For those that have licences that are due to be RENEWED IN  2020 THIS AFFECTS YOU as the date has been bought forward and all those due in 2020 are now due in 2019.

If you have any questions relating to either of these issues please call Gary O’Sullivan, MTA NSW Divisional Manager via mobile 0423 582 183 or by email

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