2021 MTA Queensland Industry Awards: Women in Industry Award Finalist - TRACY RANDALL, ANZAC AVENUE WRECKERS

Tracy Randall has been running Anzac Avenue Wreckers, a family-owned automotive parts recycling facility in Toowoomba, for more than 15 years.

As the office administrator, customer liaison, and delivery person, Tracy certainly keeps busy, and as any business owner would tell you, a strong streak of determination, as well as a passion for the work and the willingness to work hard and try new things, is essential to success.

For example, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, when many businesses were challenged by the effect of the outbreak and the subsequent lockdowns and restrictions, Tracy took the opportunity to assess her business and see what could be done. It was in the digital space that she saw most potential.

She applied for, and received, a digital grant of $10,000 through the Queensland Government’s Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant Program and undertook two main digital activities designed to increase numbers reaching out to the business and to give an even more professional edge to its online activities.

First, Tracy launched a Facebook marketing campaign. Secondly, she built a photobooth at the store where she could take professional photos of stock. Through this, Tracy was able to make parts look more appealing for the business’s website and social media posts. Smart thinking during a challenging time and taking advantage of the assistance offered by government – a recipe for success.

In addition to running the business, Tracy is secretary of MTA Queensland’s Automotive Parts Recycling Division. For more than five years, she has represented this important segment of the industry and continues to advocate on important issues, skilling needs, and innovation opportunities. For example, her involvement in the committee has seen her meet with PHD candidate Sarfraz Ali Kyani, who is working with MTA Queensland, to discuss his thesis research involving the recycling of automotive parts for additive manufacturing.

A strong supporter of women in industry, Tracy has, for nearly nine years, been involved in the Toowoomba community through the local youth development group. This has, she said, been a fantastic opportunity to push back on the stereotypes and normalise the position of female tradeswomen and business owners.

Though she advocates for more women to engage with the industry and is constantly searching for ways to advance the industry – especially for women currently in or those wanting to commence a career in the trade – Tracy is happy to say it is just as vital that the right person, man or woman, is in the position of driving a business forward.

“I believe it is important to have the right style of person – someone who has integrity and who wants to improve the business of
which they are a part. This, in turn, will improve the industry as a whole,” she said. “However, women do bring a particular flair to the conversation. They are willing to ask more questions.”

As a finalist for the MTA Queensland Women In Industry Award, Tracy is proud that her work, and the work of her team, in running a successful business, advocating for women in the industry, as well as her being a voice for the industry generally and for the recycling sector specifically, is being acknowledged.

“I am delighted to be recognised by the industry, while at the same time reminding myself that our successes are never one person’s effort but are the result of the team that you surround yourself with.”

The 2021 MTA Queensland Industry Awards Gala will be held on Saturday, 20th November at the Emporium Hotel, South Bank, in Brisbane, and is a celebration of the automotive industry and training excellence, as well as the achievements of MTA Queensland members and MTA Institute apprentices throughout Queensland over the past 12 months.

The Gala will again be hosted by Ben Davis from Channel Seven, who did such an outstanding job of overseeing the evening’s events and entertaining the more than 200 guests who attended the last full Awards Gala, held in the pre-covid days of 2019.

This time around, Ben will be joined by special guest Steven Bradbury, the man who created history in 2002 when he won Australia’s first Winter Olympics Gold Medal at the Salt Lake City Games in the US.

To hear Steven talk about his journey and relate his story will make for a terrific evening. However, the highlight of the Industry Awards Gala will be the presentation of the awards that recognise the tremendous work done by MTA Queensland members and MTA Institute apprentices through the year.

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