Much has been written lately about counterfeit parts in the media of late.

The result of motorists purchasing and fitting counterfeit parts can lead to safety risks and significant damage to a customer’s vehicle. When engine failure occurs, this can result in costly repair bills or in worse cases, court battles or motorists going to consumer tribunals. Consumers are being warned that if they suspect their vehicle has been fitted with counterfeit parts, they should contact their dealer immediately as they have the knowledge to tell if a part is counterfeit and stop any potential damage to a vehicle.

Counterfeit parts are rapidly becoming a large issue in Australia. Repairers are advised to be careful when accepting parts that have been provided by customers. Many customers are buying what they believe to be genuine parts online but are unaware that the counterfeit part could lead to thousands of dollars in engine damage.

We have previously warned repairers of the risk counterfeit or reconditioned parts poses as many customers are not aware they may not be entitled to their warranty obligations if something goes wrong as a result of non-genuine parts.

If you would like to become a MTA member or require further information on non-genuine parts, please call the MTA on 8291 2000.

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