VACC: New EPA legislation

Major changes to the Victorian environmental legislation came into play from 1 July 2021, with the new focus of the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) and its inspectorate to be on preventing harm before it happens. All Victorian businesses must now take proactive and reasonable steps to minimise harm to human health and the environment from pollution and waste.

Businesses can comply with the law by identifying, controlling, and managing their risks to the environment. A VACC OHSE Unit Bulletin has been produced for members, as the majority of VACC member-business sites produce some form of Reportable Priority Waste.

On behalf of EPA Victoria, the VACC OHSE Unit will be delivering five webinar sessions for members. The sessions will be specific to the automotive industry and designed to help business operators understand and comply with the new laws. In the coming weeks, invitations will be sent out to members. There will be dedicated sessions for:

  • Service stations
  • Parts recyclers
  • Mechanical and dealerships
  • Smash repairers
  • All remaining automotive sectors.

EPA Victoria: Waste Tracker for producers

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