VACC: Important Industry Notice: Dismantlers with LVT be alert!! This course is compulsory

Dismantlers and other industry sector participants who are Licensed Vehicle Testers (LVT) are advised the compulsory LVT refresher course is set to be wound up by the end of November 2017. There is still a large proportion of LVT’s yet complete the course, booking in early is to your advantage as it will guarantee your choice of available dates and location. Federation University have just updated course dates for 2017 (see below).

For registration please contact Federation University on 03 5327 8071.

Course fees are $548 however this is subject to change. All VACC members applying for the LVT refresher course are entitled to a discount rate of $494.00 however you will need to quote your VACC membership number during the registration process to be eligible for the discount.

Please note: Refunds will not be given if you fail to quote your VACC membership prior to enrollment.

Program Outline
This one-day course is designed to cover the current regulations and requirements of being a
Licensed Vehicle Tester under the current VicRoads scheme. It will include administrative and technical knowledge, an introduction to modifications, testing procedures, completion and understanding of documentation and your role as a Licensed Vehicle Tester in Victoria.

It will be presented in a way that attendees will be able to gauge their current level of knowledge whilst allowing the presenter to focus on where there may be gaps in current knowledge. There will be an assessment test at the completion of the course and minimum pass marks have been set.

Unsuccessful Completion
Where the student fails to meet the minimum pass marks they will be given an opportunity to sit the assessment again at a later date.

Pre reading prior to attendance
The course will address administrative responsibilities and procedures; technical inspection and modifications – particularly wheels & tyres, brakes, steering & suspension, lights & window tinting. It may be beneficial to familiarise yourself with the documents used throughout the course. VSI’s, 8 (2011 & 2003), 26, 2, 22, 29 & 33; VSB 14 (2011), Road Safety Regulations 2009 Chapters 6 & 7. has links that may be of interest.

Current information on LED light bars are available under the fog & driving lights tab. Links to the ADR’s and VSB 14 are on the Vehicle Standards Information page.

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