VACC: Coming full circle

The old saying that some things change, some stay the same could not be more apt in the current climate.

At the height of the coronavirus lockdown in April new-car sales around the world fell by alarming levels and, as a result, manufacturing plants across the globe closed or severely wound back production.

Most of these facilities are now back in action and some parts of our lives are returning to normal, including our car-buying habits, along with the associated maintenance that comes with car ownership.

It’s still very early days but as I look around at the new normal one thing is clear – owning and using personal transport (cars, motorcycles, bicycles) has never been more attractive.

It’s true there are now many more transport options available, especially in urban and suburban areas.

People can use vehicles on a pay-per-use or subscription basis, and of course, home delivery and good old-fashioned postage means some people have less need to travel.

For those who can however, using a personal vehicle – the make and model they prefer, with all the options they desire, and all the settings where they want them to be – is what a lot of people prefer. Right now, and into the foreseeable future, a personal vehicle also provides the ultimate in social distancing.

I’m predicting that – in the sphere of personal transport – we will come full circle. Heading out on the highway on our own terms, with all the freedom and choice that brings, will become part of the new normal.

Geoff Gwilym, VACC CEO.
As featured in the Herald Sun 24 July 2020.

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