Theft Watch: Report for calendar year 2017


Total national theft in the twelve months to December was 7% less than the preceding twelve months. The decrease was largely a result of a 15% fall in short-term heavy/other vehicle theft. Profit motivated PLC theft fell 4%. Queensland has had a significant increase of 10% which has been off-set by continuing improvement in Victoria. The nation’s total theft is down 8% compared to five years ago with a total of 52,858 vehicles stolen. For a more detailed analysis of current theft trends be sure to check out our interactive dashboard

Key Findings

•    9,787 vehicles were stolen and recovered in Victoria, making up 38% of all short term PLC theft.
•    NSW followed with 7,419 short term PLCs stolen representing 22% of the nation’s total theft.
•    33% of all profit-motivated PLC theft (2,981) also occurred in Victoria.
•    Short term theft increased by 14% in Queensland and a marginal 1% in NSW.
•    WA had the highest percentage increase in profit motivated theft with 6%.
•    Thefts over the same period are down in NSW (16%), SA (17%) & WA (9%).

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