NSW Recycler’s Update 2017

As a reminder for NSW Recyclers, NSW Fair Trading is expected to amend the Motor Dealers and Repairers Regulation 2014 with respect to the introduction of a Form 3A Motor Vehicle Recycler’s Register (Whole Vehicle) in 2017.

The document is currently only a draft; however it appears that the only change from the 2A document is the inclusion of headlights as a prescribed part.

Until the amendment is completed Recyclers are required to use the old Form 2A. At last notification from NSW Fair Trading, this form would be phased out by March 2017. The MTA NSW will have a user friendly version of the new form 3A in stock and ready for purchase by the end of the phase out period.

The MTA NSW will contact all effected members via email and also by uploading information into the ‘Members Only’ section of the website when the new forms are available to purchase from MTA NSW and also when the new requirements come into effect. As a reminder the MTA NSW position on brand new prescribed parts is as follows:

Motor Vehicle Repairer Licence holders ARE NOT required to record brand new prescribed parts obtained directly from retail outlets providing they keep related invoices and receipts.

Graham Judge

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