MTASA: Parts supply shortage effect on local industry

The MTA has been keeping tabs on current industry concerns regarding international supply chain shortages affecting local automotive businesses.

As reported, dealers and repairers are still being met with delays due to the global part shortages, which have worsened in recent months.

“Early in the piece there was plenty of stock but it is starting to look a little grim,” said Glenn Forbes of Plympton Crash Repairs.

“If we’re informed by suppliers that the stock is coming from overseas, there’s always a question mark in terms of delivery times.”

With the pandemic somewhat under control in Australia, we are now seeing the after-effects of what travel restrictions and lockdowns have on the public.

“People aren’t travelling overseas, public transport is a bit of a grey area as people are reluctant due to the social distancing rules, therefore more people on the road, including lots more travelling out to the country – so it really is a domino effect as to why more accidents are occurring and 90% of crash repair shops are booked out for weeks in advance,” said Glenn.

What seems to be the perfect storm of supply versus demand, there are further external factors that may still take months to cool off.

The processing of shipping containers through Australian customs is drawn out, while the recent Suez Canal debacle sent shivers through the industry as the globe basically stood still for six long days – closer to home, national pandemic scares can still have a major effect on our local businesses.

“If Sydney or Melbourne had of gone into another lockdown just recently, that would slow things down yet again as they dispatch a lot of our parts,” explained Glenn.

We encourage members to get in touch if they would like to understand more about their rights under Australian Consumer Law (ACL) when it comes to repair times and supply shortages that are out of their control – contact our Workplace Relations team on 8291 2000 or via email:

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