MTANSW News: Tow Truck Update

For the information of Members within the Tow Truck Operators Division, a reminder that from 1 July 2017, all functions relating to the tow truck industry within NSW has transitioned from Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to NSW Fair Trading. This includes licensing, compliance and enforcement.  

As part of the transition the tow truck investigation unit has been transferred over to the Compliance Investigation Directorate within NSW Fair Trading.

Due to the transition there have been a number of procedural issues which has meant that the time frames to process applications have been extended. If Members require assistance or need to discuss their applications, you may contact the Licensing Unit within NSW Fair Trading on 1300 131 134 and select option 1.

In regards to the tow truck driver training program, MTA NSW is seeking additional information from the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation. The Department is looking at the program and a decision will be made as to how it will be developed in the near future.  

If Members require any further information, please contact Gary O’Sullivan, Division Manager on P: 02 9016 9034 or E:

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