MTANSW: Auto Dismantling Industry Project

MTA NSW, on behalf of our Members, has been in direct consultation over a number of months with SafeWork NSW to assist in the development and support for an initiative within the auto dismantling industry.

The initiative entitled: Regional Harm Prevention Project - AUTO DISMANTLING INDUSTRY, is designed to identify issues and risks to improve compliance and safety outcomes for the auto dismantling industry.

MTA NSW has been supporting SafeWork NSW to develop a pilot project in response to a series of incidents involving fires and explosions in the industry which resulted in workplace injuries and damage to property and the environment.

The main contributing factors that led to serious incidents occurring within the Auto Dismantling Industry include:

  1. Unsafe work practices involving the removal of LPG & petrol fuel tanks and systems from vehicles
  2. Unsafe work practices involving the crushing of vehicles with fuel tanks and fuel systems still being in place
  3. Inadequate procedures for the storage and handling of dangerous goods
  4. Poor housekeeping
  5. Non-compliant emergency procedures.

As part of this project, SafeWork NSW have indicated that they expect to undertake a number of site visits within Sydney from November 2017 to January 2018. They have already successfully completed 4 pilot visits in co-operation with MTA NSW. The purpose of these visits includes to verify compliance with work health and safety obligations, and provide practical advice and assistance to improve safety standards.

Those businesses that are visited by SafeWork NSW as part of the RHPP may be eligible for the Small Business Safety Rebate to implement a safety solution at the workplace, worth up to $500, if the business has less than 100 full time workers.

For more information on the RHPP visit  or call 13 10 50. For additional information, please contact Graham Judge, Divisional Manager, on 0438 213 420 or

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