MTA SA: Attracting and retaining highly skilled staff

Businesses face many challenges but one of the most fundamental is attracting and retaining highly skilled staff.

Staff are looking for a business that values quality work and provides good equipment and conditions. Business owners can engage with their staff taking on the “coach” role in making sure the team are all operating for the benefit of all.

If the automotive industry is going to address the skills shortage, then it is up to all business owners and their staff to present the industry in the best possible light. The industry deserves to be recognised for having highly skilled workers performing highly skilled work that can be very challenging and rewarding. The ability to take a motor vehicle that requires mechanical repair or is damaged from an accident, and return it to the customer as “good as new”, provides the motivation that many tradespeople and staff working in the industry find appealing. Customers can be just as passionate about their motor vehicle as the worker who so carefully carries out the repairs. Many business owners spoken to are so proud of the work their staff perform, that digital images are taken to record exactly how much trouble they go to.

Businesses need to encourage their staff to attend training that allows them to keep up with changes in the mechanical or body repair and parts industry, as continued professional development needs to be the norm and the Motor Traders’ Association of NSW (MTA NSW) believe workers will respond positively if the training is well planned and implemented. Businesses should benefit as a result of the enhanced skills and see improved productivity, less rework and motivated staff.

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