MTA NSW: Benefits of MTA Membership

MTA is widely known for addressing issues affecting Association Members through a multitude of initiatives, including lobbying at Local, State and Federal Government levels.

Founded in 1910, the MTA represents owners and business principals in the automotive industry throughout NSW and ACT. The Association provides extensive industry information to its membership base through a number of forums and media.

MTA is held in high regard by industry stakeholders due to the longevity of its establishment, where it has been representing the automotive industry in both NSW and ACT for more than 100 years. MTA offers members great value for their membership subscription with a range of services and products supplementing its traditional core services.

MTA’s advertising and promotional activities over many years has developed a public recognition of the MTA logo and catch phrase ‘Look for the sign and deal with someone you can trust.’ Vehicle owners look for the logo before choosing a business from which they may purchase a motor vehicle, have a motor vehicle repaired, serviced or buy spare parts. Both in NSW and the ACT, MTA is strongly placed to represent the interests of Members. The highly regarded Code of Ethics is the basis for the public to be confident that they are protected when dealing with an MTA Member.  

MTA is in continual contact with Politicians and Government officials and regularly provides advice to them on matters affecting the motor industry. The Association is the principal consultative party and a leader in employment relations issues impacting the Retail Motor Industry in each State.

MTA is a founding member of the Motor Trades Association of Australia, which is the National Body that draws together MTA’s sister organisations from other States and Territories to represent the industry at Federal Government level.

Member and industry suppliers’ support is most appreciated and adds greatly to the success to the Association and the activities it undertakes.

Established for more than 100 years…. Since 1910. The Motor Traders’ Association of NSW (MTA) is one of the largest state based industry associations in Australia.

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