Increased Ease of Access to Technical Repair Information

Under the National Agreement for Access to Repair Information, the MTA has been working with the MTAA and all state and territory automotive industry groups to develop a balanced solution to accessing service and repair information at fair cost.

18 manufacturers are currently providing information through the FCAI website. The portal is now live and provides an easy reference for independent repairers to access service and repair information from manufacturers. Participation so far has been encouraging and further manufacturers are expected to follow suit and make their service and repair information available in 2017.

Service and repair information is also available through our business partner, OurAuto who also provide a broad range of technical materials, as well as a call centre, for repairers at competitive prices for members. For more information, visit

In order to address national issues, especially those relating to the access of the above mentioned technical information, the MTAA has launched ‘Report an Issue’, a reporting portal to action issues affecting the repair industry nationally.

State and Territory Motor Trade Associations and the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce receive complaints and reports of breaches of the Code. ‘Report an Issue’ creates a national database to ensure that systemic issues across states are tracked and followed up nationally.

It also collects evidence based material to support matters that are taken up with federal agencies or signatories to the National Agreement for Access to Repair Information. State or Territory matters will be referred to the relevant State or Territory body for follow up and investigation.

If you have an issue that warrants attention at a national level, or are experiencing problems with access to repair information, please feel free to use the Report An Issue form.

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