Get Accredited - Your business can earn the Green Stamp!

MTA NSW is excited to conduct the Green Stamp Plus accreditation to the NSW motor industry. You can learn about your legal obligations to the environment, learn how to become compliant and beyond, become Green Stamp Plus Accredited, and advertise your environmental compliance to your customers and community.

As a Green Stamp Plus Accredited business, you’ll receive:

  • An onsite business accreditation check by an MTA NSW representative;
  • A Certificate of Accreditation;
  • A Green Stamp Plus Environmentally Accredited colour outdoor sign;
  • Pamphlets to promote your business’ environmental commitment to your customers;
  • The Green Stamp Plus logo in electronc format (.eps and .jpg) for use on your business’ promotional material;
  • The right to display the Green Stamp Plus logo anywhere on your business’ premises, stationary, and signage;
  • The right to promote your business as “Green Stamped” or “Green Stamp Accredited.

To get accredited, contact MTA NSW, and we’ll send you a Green Stamp Plus Accreditation Checklist - you’ll probably find that you’re already conducting best practice in order to be compliant with environmental legislation - or you may need some minor changes to your practices to become eligible for accreditation.

Contact MTA NSW to find out how to get accredited.


Green Stamp Plus aims to ensure that businesses in the automotive industry have access to information and tools to help achieve environmental compliance and beyond.

A number of resources are available via the Green Stamp Plus program to assist small to medium business in the automotive trades to incorporate processes and practices that avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of waste in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Please refer to the tailored information booklets which address the key environmental issues concerning two key areas within the automotive industry:

Environmental Action - Automotive Servicing and Repairs

Environmental Action – Smash Repairs

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