EPA Releases Consultation Paper

NSW auto dismantlers would be aware the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has released a consultation paper titled - Proposal for Minimum Environmental Standards in the Scrap Metal Industry. The proposals are targeted at scrap metal facilities and auto dismantlers.

The proposals centre around 8 key areas.

  1. Storage and dismantling of end-of-life vehicles, white goods and other scrap metal
  2. Clean and dirty water systems  
  3. Liquid and chemical controls  
  4. Battery handling and storage areas 
  5. End-of-life vehicles, white goods, and other scrap metal to be free of other
  6. No burning of waste
  7. Noise vibration and controls
  8. Construction of bunds

Existing businesses are expecting a reasonable period of time to be granted to allow for all businesses regardless of size to comply with any changes.

The evolution of an environmentally responsible dismantling industry is reliant on all industry participants being required to comply to allow for a level playing field.

Following a delegation of MTA NSW members meeting with the EPA in August we are confident the views of our members has been heard and common sense decisions will prevail.

For further information, please contact MTA NSW Senior Manager – Divisional Services, Graham Judge, on 0438 213 420 or graham.judge@mtansw.com.au

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